Bodacious Boudoir


Get ready to show off your gorgeous self in a whole new light with the one you love most!

The Bodacious Boudoir comes with everything you need to have the most intimate at home couples Boudoir photo shoot. Boudoir is an amazing and vulnerable way to bring you and your partner closer together. Doing a private shoot with one another is not only sure to get things hot and heated, but it will help you and your lover connect on a whole new level. With our professionally curated DIY boudoir kit we walk you through the step by step process to help you not only warm up to the idea of boudoir, but also give you the tips, information, and confidence you need to have your own incredible shoot.

Our process has you start out taking flirty and silly photos together with our included selfie stick/tripod and photo booth props. After you are feeling more comfortable we walk you through his and her poses before bringing you back together for some steamy couples shots. Take turns playing photographer and model and try to keep your jaws off the floor as you watch each other flirt with the camera.

Includes: At Home Boudoir Guide including His, Her, & Couples Poses; Selfie Stick/Tripod, Sexy Photo Booth Props, plus a White Feather Boa. Also includes: Pillow Talk Questions/Conversation Starters, and Sexual Tidbits.

Bodacious Boudoir is a beautiful window into the soul, and an incredible way to connect with your lover on a completely new level.

Grab your date night while supplies last! And get ready for Lights, Camera and a whole lot of Action!

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