Magic Marbles


Take a trip down memory lane and play this classic game reimagined with a frisky and funky twist.

The old school game of Marbles has taken on a twist and is now Magic Marbles.

In Magic Marbles you will need to knock out the most mibs and collect a lot more than some marbles for your pocket. The added wheel of distraction is sure to be your favorite part. Start out with the “warm” actions, then work your way up to “hot” then “spicy” as the game progresses. You and your lover will be competing for Frisky Favors from each other all night long!

Includes: 1 can of Magic Marbles including 2 shooters and 18 mibs, Bonus Suck and Blow Card, Pillow Talk Questions/Conversation Starters, and Tidbits Filled With Sexual & Relationship Health Information.

Magic Marbles is a part of our Naughty Nostalgia Collection and is a great way to celebrate this Holiday Season in a new Old School Way!

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