All In One Pleasure Party Package


Bring in the New Year with your special someone with a Pleasure Party.

Save over 20% with our Pleasure Party Collection

Get our Pin the Pasties & Spin the Bottle games PLUS His & Her Intimates. A total value over $73 for just $58.95, plus fast and free shipping!

Get silly, competitive, and flirty as you play some party classics reimagined with a Frisky Friday Box twist.

Lay your Sexy Spin the Bottle cards out in a circle.Then take turns spinning the bottle and performing sexy favors for your lover. Start out with the “Warm” side of the cards then when you’re ready, flip them over for some “Hot” action! 

We’ve all played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but what about Pin the Pasty? Start off by blindfolding your partner and let them randomly pick a magnet pasty. Gently spin them around 3 times and point them at the “Pin the Pasty” board. Whatever body part they pin the pasty to on the board they must now do what the pasty says to that part of your body. Make sure you take turns “Pinning the Pasties so you can both enjoy the fun!

Sexy Spin the Bottle and Pin the Pasties are sure to be your go to party games whenever it’s time to celebrate with your lover!

Includes:  His and Her’s Sexy Party Lingerie, 3 sets of Disposable Pasties, 1 set of reusable sequins heart tassel pasties, 1 set of Sexy Spin the Bottle game and card set, 1 Pin the Pasty board with front and back game play, 7 Magnet “pasties” for game play, & 1 leather blindfold. Also includes: His & Her party hats & kazoos, 5 balloons, Game Instructions, Pillow Talk Questions/Conversation Starters, and Sexual Tidbits.

Let’s say goodbye to the dreadful year of 2020 and bring in the New Year with a BANG!

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