Sexy Shootout


Get ready for a Cowboy Christmas night of Frisky Wagers, Lucky Draws and Sharp Shooting!

Are you ready for a Christmas gift you and your lover both will love!? Sexy Shootout is a Cowboy Christmas that won’t disappoint. This exciting game brings the spirit of the Old West that is full of Adventure, Charm, Romance, and excitement.

You and your partner will spend an evening in a sexy quickdraw competition. You’ll take turns placing frisky wagers & drawing your luck of the draw shooting instructions. Now that you know what’s at stake, you’ll stand back to back, give each other a little butt squeeze and take your paces… Then the quickdraw is on, follow your luck of the draw instructions and shoot with both arms extended straight above your head, in the downward dog position, under your legs, or any of the other 30 plus maneuvers. The first one to shoot the other is the winner of the shootout, and is rewarded the frisky wager that the loser placed as their bet. Enjoy these moments of passion because once it’s finished, your partner will be calling for a rematch.

The Sexy Shootout Includes: 1 deck of Frisky Wager cards + 1 deck of Luck of the draw cards. His & Hers: Rubber Band Guns + rubber bands, satin bandanas, fake Mustaches, & of course safety glasses. Bonus Items Include: Dry Erase Frisky Wanted Poster, pillow talk conversation topics and bonus tidbits.

Grab your Cowboy date night while supplies last! And get ready for some sharp shooting, and sexy wagers!

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